Immigration Physical Exams USCIS

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At the time of your 1st visit please bring the following:

  1. Valid photo ID - drivers license or passport
  2. Vaccination records if applicable
  3. Payment CASH ONLY

WITH health insurance


USCIS I-693 Form

Immigration Physical Exam (USCIS I-693)*
$300 cash only will include:
  • Three office visits
  • Vaccines: PPD, Tetanus & Flu (when in season)
  • All necessary to be completed (USCIS I-693)
  • Physical examination
  • Health insurance may only cover blood work & chest X-ray if needed for a positive PPD test. Please check your benefits with your health insurance carrier.

WITHOUT health insurance:

$200 cash only wil1 include:
  • All required office visits
  • Vaccines: PPD Tetanus & Flu (when in season)
  • All necessary paperwork to be completed (USCIS I-693)
  • Physical examination

*If you wish to have blood work done in our office at the time of your first appointment 1t will be an additional $200 cash so w:ith blood work done in our office it will be a total of$400 cash. If you wish to have the blood drawn at a lab, a prescription will be provided to you but you will receive a bill for those fees from the lab that we will not be responsible for; which would be a substantial cost to you.

Entire process can take up to 5 days to finalize.

At least 3 visits are needed:

  • 1st - Exam, paperwork, blood work & skin test (PPD)
    Approximately 45 minutes

  • 2nd - 48 hours after first visit to check skin test (PPD)
    Approximately 5-15 minutes

  • 3rd - Finalize paperwork, after final blood results come back from lab and to administer Tetanus & Flu vaccines.
    Approximately 30 minutes

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